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You accept that this agreement is like any negotiated written agreement you have signed, and you agree to be bound by its terms and to fully comply with those conditions. b) where an energy marketing agreement, including an energy marketing agreement, currently exists for the same property, unless the current marketing energy agreement expires on the day or before the start of the new energy marketing agreement. Delays in payment: the meaning of clause 4.4 No omission or delay in exercising a right under this energy contract repeals this right. The search for recourse does not prevent any of us from seeking other remedies to which we must aspire. (a) In concluding this energy agreement, you appoint Sponsor Energy as your limited representative to ensure the supply and supply of energy within the meaning of this energy agreement and the termination of a prior agreement. This agency ends when Sponsor Energy has complied with its obligations under this energy agreement. As an agent, we only act for purposes directly related to this energy agreement. The Freedom of Movement and Access Agreement (WADA) is an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) signed on 15 November 2005. The treaty aimed to improve the freedom of movement of Palestinians and economic activities within the Palestinian territories, opening the border between Gaza and Egypt. If this contract is used, the following terms and conditions have the appropriate meaning: This energy agreement, as well as the terms outlined in the PAD agreement, the notification form and the confirmation of the Energy Online Sponsors confidentiality statement, represent the entire agreement between us. At the end of your energy agreement and after the final vote of all remaining accounts, if a balance is more than five dollars (5.00 CDN), it will be refunded via Interac e-Transfer and sent to the current email address filed at the time of the account termination.

If there is a balance of $5 (CDN 5.00) or less on your account, the account is closed and the balance is depreciated. Before we commit the supply of energy to your website and before this energy agreement comes into force: if part of this energy agreement cannot be implemented, we agree to set this part of this energy agreement in order to make it applicable without changing the intent of this energy agreement. If this part cannot be corrected without changing the intention of this energy agreement, it will be abolished and the rest of this energy agreement will remain in force. c) If you travel outside Alberta or to an area that we do not serve, the energy agreement expires on the day of de-registration and you remain responsible for all outstanding obligations arising from the terminated contract until they are fully fulfilled.

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