Canada Trade Agreement With Italy

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Italy`s €41 billion in food exports last year could triple with a serious fight against international food counterfeiting. Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, director of the ECIPE trade think tank, said Italy posed a considerable threat to CETA, but the Commission could ultimately go to court and argue that the EU could continue to enforce all parts of the agreement, with the exception of investment dispute settlement. Canada`s progressive trade agenda promotes a global trading system that reflects an inclusive and progressive approach, including better consideration of the needs of SMEs. Under CETA mechanisms, a priority for Canada will be to work with the EU and its member states to find ways to use CETA to better support SMEs. In addition, Canada agreed to set two new tariff rate quotas (TRQs) totalling 17,700,000 kilograms for EU cheese and to redeploy an additional 800,000 kilograms within the WTO tariff number. Before the entry into force of CETA, access to Community cheese was limited to 13,471,832 kilograms per year. Once CETA is fully implemented, access to EU cheeses will more than double to more than 31.9 million kilograms.. . .


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