Felling Licence Agreements

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(7) In the event of an application for authorisation to cut down trees on land subject to an F24 forestry contract and refusal of licence, no violation of Federation F24… that it occurred for reasons that were made or omitted as a result of the refusal. 1. An application for a logging permit may be made to the forest management authority of [F17] in the manner prescribed by a person who has such land or who has an interest in the land on which trees grow which allow him, with or without the consent of another person, to cut down the trees. (i) the total content of trees felled by this person without authorization [F3 in the area concerned] (excluding trees whose felling is not covered by subsection 1) does not exceed [F45 cubic metres] in a quarter; and (6) When the logging authority [F17] refuses to issue a logging permit, it informs the applicant in writing of the grounds for refusal. We have created a usage guide for Felling Licence Online that will be available on GOV.UK after the system starts. Please take a look and if you need more assistance, please contact us via our support email inbox: fellinglicenceonline@forestrycommission.gov.uk and we can arrange a support session either by phone or at a local office. Agroenvironmental Agreements If you are a landowner with an agro-environmental agreement, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you may also need a slaughter licence for all the work listed in the agreement. The grant agreement does not automatically give you the right to fall. It is really important that, if necessary, you apply for a slaughter license, even for coppicing or cutting in hedges. The aim is to ensure sustainable forest management and habitat protection. All agents and contractors should be aware of this, but it is the landowner`s responsibility to ensure that all laws are followed, so it is important to receive good advice and to know the law itself.

Countryside Stewardship agreements that help transform forests into open habitat (for example. B, Heideland, Culm Grasland) may also be subject to environmental impact assessment regulations, so please use the guidelines in this link to verify the thresholds and ensure that you comply with the law. Learn more about logging licences, exemptions and how to apply for tree felling in our guide – get a permit. The Forestry Commission England has replaced its old slaughter licensing system with a new digital service called Felling Licence Online.

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