International Agreement Choice Of Law

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The law of the State in which a party is established shall determine whether that party has accepted the choice of law if, in the present circumstances, it was not reasonable to make that finding under the law referred to in paragraph 1. Article 6 – Agreement on choice of law and the struggle for forms Louise warned that the use of choice of law as an instrument of negotiation in contractual negotiations should be avoided, as this could have dangerous effects and lead to professional liability of lawyers. Luca added that the UN right of sale should be used when the parties have not been able to choose the applicable law, for example. B if you are weaker by contract or if you do not have legal advice. French case law has made it more difficult to comply with the conditions for the enforcement of judgments abroad – one of them is typically the substantive jurisdiction of the court of origin – by prohibiting unilateral jurisdiction clauses and thus signalling less enthusiasm for party autonomy. . . .

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