Ordnance Survey Public Sector Mapping Agreement

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Getmapping serves the OS data of PSMA members. Our OGC-compliant web data streams are highly established and operate from protected data centers with 99.99% operating time, providing robust and proven service, and are fully managed on the control survey update cycles. The Getmapping Web Map Service (WMS) can use all your OS PSMA data and our Web Features Service (WFS) can power LAyer, VectorMap District, OS VectorMap Local and OS Opendata. For more information on the new agreement and registration details, click here. The new PGSA promises to improve public sector services by facilitating access to new, broader data, ranging from public lighting and flood risk management to street battles. The PSGA explains how Ordnance Survey (OS) provides partners, developers and the UK public sector with world-leading know-how – how we support the provision of critical infrastructure and services – from blue light to streetlights. How Ordnance Survey (OS) data helps you provide public services and make better decisions, many public sector organizations are members of the PSGA and simply sign up to use our data. Your membership is free. With these increased freedoms for better access to our data and the exchange of our data, we encourage innovation and open up new opportunities for bone partners, developers and public sector organizations. Getmapping may, as part of the PSMA agreement, provide access to the following operating system data: All public sector, health and emergency services, municipal, municipal and municipal councils can register through the Ordnance Survey to use the data. , free on the site.

It is provided by the national mapping agency Ordnance Survey and begins on April 1, 2020. The agreement builds on what we are currently proposing: the PSGA member licence grants free access to data under the global contract between the Geospatial Commission, on behalf of the public sector, in England, Wales, Scotland and the Ordnance Survey. If your organization is not mentioned above, read the criteria for public law. If you meet these requirements, you can register as a member. This means that the public and private sectors will have better access to the accurate and detailed mapping data they rely on today to support even more innovative, efficient and efficient public service delivery. The Geospatial Commission is increasing the location data available to the public sector in England and Wales. Known as the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement, it is provided by Ordnance Survey and from April 1, 2020 OS Vector Tile API will be a vector tile service with detailed order survey data as a customizable base map. It can be used with most web mapping libraries, including Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet, OpenLayers and ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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