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New federal laws protect tenants and holders of Section 8 bonds who live in foreclosure properties. Tenants residing in closed real estate have 90 days` notice after the enforced execution date and, if they have a lease agreement, must be considered for the lifetime, unless the new owners plan to enter the unit. Even if the new owner plans to install in the unit, it still takes 90 days of imecessation. In addition, the new owner is required to honor the contract with the housing company for the maintenance of the voucher. For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions Enforcement Guide, a standard letter from Section 8 tenants to new owners of closed real estate and read the new law directly under tenant protection during forced execution. Note that this law expires on December 31, 2014. (c) national and local law. The PHA can verify the lease to determine if the lease complies with national and local law. The PHA may refuse approval of the lease if the PHA finds that the lease is not in accordance with national or local law.

1. The tenant and the landlord must enter into a written rental agreement for the unit. The rental agreement must be executed by the landlord and tenant. The housing assistance contract is between the owner and the MHA. This agreement includes two parts, Part A and B. Lease: a written agreement between a lessor or a representative of the lessor and a tenant for the rental of a dwelling unit to the tenant. The tenancy agreement sets out the conditions for the occupancy of the dwelling unit by a family with a housing allowance under a PAH contract between the owner and the MHA. The lease agreement must include at least the following information: (b) requirement.

The PHA must enter into a refurbishment of contract 983.153 with the owner. The agreement must be in the form required by the HUD Appendix (see paragraph 24 CFR 982.162). c) start of work or renovation. The PHA does not reach an agreement if the start of the work or the refurbishment has begun after the notification has been filed. Rent supplement: contains information that must be included in the rental agreement or must be attached to the rental agreement. The rental and rental costs serve as a contract between the lessor and the family, which defines the rights and obligations of both parties. (2) All provisions of HUD`s required rent addition must be added literally to the owner`s standard rental agreement used by the landlord for un assisted tenants. The tenant has the right to apply the rent supplement to the landlord and the terms of the endorsement are prevalent over all other provisions of the tenancy agreement. (1) If the tenant and landlord agree to amend the lease, these changes must be made in writing and the landlord must immediately give the PHA a copy of these changes. The lease agreement, including any changes, must meet the requirements of this section. The voucher or coupon program 8 managed by public housing authorities allows tenants to bring a voucher to a private landlord in order to secure low-income housing on the private market.

Coupon tenants pay 30 to 40% of their income for rent and the housing authority pays the difference directly to the landlord up to a certain payment standard. Landlords sign a contract with the housing authority, and tenants have a rental agreement directly with the landlord. This agreement is a three-way contract that binds the housing authority, tenants and landlords. Tenants are entitled to Section 8 vouchers if their income is equal to or less than 30% of the median area income. HUD rules require that all members of a household be able to prove their legal residence. 3. The duration of the lease (initial duration and possible renewal arrangements); The lease gives the family the right to occupy and use the interior and exterior of the unit for a certain period of time, according to the terms of the lease.

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