Sbir Subcontract Agreement

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You must comply with the Agency`s requirements as to how and where you include a consultant or subcontractor in your offer. Most agencies ask you to indicate the role of subcontractors and consultants in the work plan (also known as a research plan or work volume). Most agencies want you to host bios for consultants and contractors that you consider key/senior members of your project team. Most also ask you to include in your offer a letter of assistance/commitment/collaboration between consultants or subcontractors. As noted above, up to 33% of a Phase I-SBIR project can be allocated to subcontractors, and at least 30% of an STTR project must be. But how do agencies measure these percentages? There are several models, and they give different results. For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), NSF and DHS simply say that it represents (in a phase I SBIR) 33% of the total amount of the contract or grant. Thus, if the Phase I prize is awarded for 150,000 $US, up to $50,000 can be awarded to subcontractors. The definition of a subcontractor is less precise and no clear definition appears in the calls.

However, it would appear that a subcontractor is generally considered to be an entity, for example. B a university, federal laboratory or private company providing goods and services to an SBIR or STTR project. Therefore, for the purposes of this tutorial, the term advisor is used when it relates to individuals, and the term subcontractor is used to refer to companies, ranging from universities and federal laboratories to for-profit companies, both large and small. But at DOD, the calculation is done after the profit/tax has been withdrawn from the total amount. If the total contract is for $US 150,000, including $10,000 for profits/fees, DOD limits a Phase I-SBIR subcontract to $US 46,200. DOE wants you to include profit/fees in the calculation, but remove all purchased or leased materials, consumables, and devices before determining the maximum sub-order. NASA is perhaps the most complicated to require the profit to be withdrawn, so the dollar value of all of the applicant`s G&A costs applied to the subcontract must be added to the subcontracting before the percentage is calculated. Therefore, you should carefully read the Agency`s request on how to calculate the under-promoted percentage, especially if you want to maximize the amount of subcontracting..

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