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Compared to a wax seal, it is not absolute that the person who signed the document intended that the sealed document would contain an enforceable undertaking. First, simple contracts and sealed contracts have different statutes of limitations. An action based on a simple contract cannot be brought after six years from the date the action was founded. The statute of limitations for a sealed contract is 12 years. Second, unlike a simple contract, a contract under Siegel should not be supported by a valuable consideration. For more information, check out our blog: What is the difference between an act and an agreement? The presence of the word „seal“ near the signature or printed form was sufficient to establish a contract under the seal. If the phrase „Locus Sigilli,“ which means „the place of the seal,“ or the abbreviation „L.S.“ appears on the document, a contract is signed under the seal. A sealed contract or document is a written document that, if „sealed,“ must be distinguished from a contract. A document is a formal document that clearly states that a person or institution is making its sincerest promise that it will meet its contractual obligations. One act has the legal effect of either: if you have recently signed a contract, deed or mortgage, you may have noticed the word „SEAL,“ printed in large print in large print somewhere near your name.

While the concept of signing a „locked“ contract may seem a bit archaic, the addition of such a word can significantly alter the legal rights of the contract. First, a bit of history. In the 19th century, companies that signed a contract put their wax seal on the contractual document. The purpose was to prove that the handwritten signature was not falsified. If there was a dispute afterwards, the court would only have to compare the wax seal to the company seal to see if they were consistent. The practice of using a wax label was so formal that the contracts thus signed were considered more solemn than the average unsealed contract and could therefore be applied for a long period of time. Over the years, at least in Maryland, the purpose of putting a company`s seal on contracts has changed, from the protection against counterfeiting to proof that the person who signed the contract had the power to hire it. Some states require certain documents to be secret, such as a document.B. Other states may have longer or shorter periods. As a general rule, a contract signed under the seal generally has a longer period of time for the prescription compared to an ordinary contract.

If, for example, a security guarantee consists of a party`s unilateral obligations, the contract must be concluded under closure if it is to be applicable. It should be noted that, although there is no review for a secret contract, since there is no valid consideration and there is probably no recourse for contractual obligations in the absence of a mere nominal consideration (see Milroy/Lord). In the United States, wax labels have never been explicitly required. The second note in the Restatement of Contracts indicates that everything changes, however, when the document in question is executed „under closure.“ In accordance with Pennsylvania law, the statute of limitations for „an instrument written under the seal“ is twenty years.

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