Veeam Support Agreement

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Customers who need to combine the socket and instance licenses acquired in a license key can do so on the customer portal ( Learn more about licensing key mergers. To initiate the licensing process to another licensee or another company, customers must open a licensing file on the customer portal ( For more information, see vbo_licensing.html Veeam offers product updates, licenses and technical support to customers in accordance with Veeam`s published customer support policy. Customers can choose support programs with targeted service level agreements (SLAs) as described in the assistance policy. Support for free/community/NFR products is provided best-effort. Subscription Contracts Active subscription contracts are renewed from the end of the support. Outdated subscription contracts are renewed from the date the order is processed. Here`s an example of a support co-term with a Veeam Backup customer – Enterprise Edition Replication with two purchases: More information on permanent base support extensions, which have been expected for more than a month, are valued with a 25% rehire fee compared to the annual renewal fee. The tax is included in the SKUs for expired renewal (necessary to renew contracts that expired at the time of purchase). Your support will be renewed from the expiry date of the contract. For more information, please contact Veeam Renewals in Any customer who does not have up-to-date support loses access to product updates, new product releases and technical support in a timely manner and cannot manage licenses on the licensing portal.

No new license keys for past contracts are issued prior to maintenance renewal (including license mergers, edition updates and edition demotion). When multiple license keys are merged, the lowest editing conditions are selected for the resulting key (z.B. merges a 10 Socket Standard Edition license with the Veeam Universal license into a Standard Edition license key). Similarly, the earliest expiration date of the license and the expiration date of the support are provided with the corresponding support identifier. Yes, absolutely. There is no need to defer your renewal purchase until the contract expires. Early renewal ensures continuous access to all support benefits. The license expiry date and the expiry date of the license holder are calculated from the start date of the license/contract, when Veeam accepts the distribution order and delivers the license key to the to the customer portal. Your support period is extended from the expiry date. 1.0 License grant. This CLA gives the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of the software in the object code for your internal activities (not for third-party data management, unless the product you have authorized expressly allows you to do so).

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