Voluntary Recognition Agreement Ontario

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Workers should familiarize themselves with the collective agreement applicable to their collective agreement unit. Not all unionized employees or bargaining units have the right to strike. In most jurisdictions, certain classifications of personnel, such as police, firefighters, hospital staff, ambulance drivers, etc., have limited rights or no right to strike. In many legal systems, there are separate laws that deal with certain categories of workers and impose compulsory arbitration as the only means of settling disputes. In other areas, the parties must agree on workers who cannot strike in a certain bargaining unit because they provide „essential services.“ For example, hospital employees in Ontario and Alberta are prohibited from striking and all disputes must be subject to final and binding arbitration. In Saskatchewan and some other provinces, hospital employees have the right to strike, but the obligation to continue working exists for employees classified as „essential“ or „emergency“ services. Despite these laws, strikes have been set up in jurisdictions like Alberta, although they are „illegal“ in an attempt to force governments to negotiate. Each jurisdiction contains provisions that require or may require conciliation or mediation before the union exercises its right to strike, i.e. the employer sets up a lockout. In any case, this can only be done after the end of the tariff period and after the completion of the prescribed mediation or conciliation procedures.

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