Voting Agreements Under Delaware Law

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(3) „Under oath“ includes statements that the applicant declares true in the event of perjury, in accordance with the laws of the United States or a state. Permission was also given to appoint Scott Freeman, a non-partisan, to the position of Independent Director pursuant to Section 7.2 (c) of the Action Agreement („Section 7.2 v)“). Section 7.2 (c) requires holders of a majority of the Series D preferred share to accept the choice of the independent director. The defendants accepted that the majority holders of the D Preferred Stock Series did not agree with Mr. Freeman`s choice, and the court therefore found that Mr. Freeman`s election was ineffective. The consent also purported to remove the applicant Piero Grandi as an independent director for reasons, without offering him any of the procedural safeguards required by Delaware law to remove a director for reasons, including notification and the opportunity to challenge the charges. The Tribunal found that the consent to Mr. Grandi`s removal as an independent director was null and void. While the withdrawal of directors is rare for unexplained reasons, this case is a useful reminder that Delaware Law provides certain procedural safeguards to these directors before they can be removed by shareholders for substantive reasons, and that they must be ensured that they respect that protection. (a) a shareholder or 2 or more may, by agreement, transfer the deposit capital of an initial issue in writing to a person or entity or organization entitled to act as an agent to transfer or transfer those persons, entities or entities that may be designated as proxys or agents with the right to vote; , the right to vote for a period determined by such an agreement under the terms of this agreement. The agreement may contain all other legal provisions that are not incompatible with this purpose. After a copy of the agreement is submitted to the company`s headquarters in that state, the copy of which is open daily during opening hours to any shareholder of the company or to any beneficiary of the trust fund as part of the agreement, certificates of shares or unstified shares are issued to the agent or trust voting to represent the stock of an initial issue filed with that proxy or agent entitled to vote.

, and any unstlined shareholdings or shares transferred to the voting agent or agent are sold and cancelled, and new unstlinished certificates or shares are therefore issued to the voting agent or administrator-agent. The certificate as issued indicates, if any, that it is issued under this agreement, and this circumstance must also be included in the company`s share register. The voting agent or agent may vote on the shares issued or transferred during the period defined in the agreement. Shares held in the name of the proxy or proxy may be elected either in person or by agents, and, at the time of the vote, the proxy or the voting agent assumes no responsibility as a shareholder, fiduciary or otherwise, except for their own individual fault. In all cases where two or more persons or entities are designated as proxys for voting and the right and method of voting on a company meeting are not determined by the directors` appointment agreement, the right to vote on the action and the method of voting during the meeting is determined by a majority of directors. , or if they are distributed in the same way with respect to the right and the method of voting of the action in a given case, the vote of the share will be divided equally among the trustees.

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