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The rest is in the new marriage agreement kk… 😊 „Child mom, no matter how you are, you`re still Mamih`s son, if Mom is sad, Mom can`t do anything if your Papih chases you, Mam__“ At the end, I woke up from the trouble of the shack, because the phrase in my head kept ringing. I rolled frustrated hair. Why this sentence is still stuck in my brain while I`m trying to sleep, let alone the clock showed up at more than 11 o`clock in the morning. Yes, but it may be that the man speaks only and not really sincerely when he says it. Could he have done this to me on purpose after thinking about it? He showed the bright side when we were married. I don`t know, I`m not sure. I don`t want to worry too much about that. I went back to lie down, tried to calm down and close my eyes. Ah, it is very difficult to put down the body that has already pushed the heart into the realm of imagination in the imagination imagined by the character of raka who smiles softly at me. Why can`t I still get swallowed like this, when this isn`t the first time I`ve had such a sweet treatment from her? It`s like there`s something else.

Unexpectedly, being under the eye of his warm and dark eyes stunned me, his charming smile, his touch, even his intoxicating kiss. I`m out of my mind, what`s he going to do? Why is he in my room? Does he want my debts back? The memory of the debt payment that Raka was asking for at the time really drove my heart crazy. It`s time? Tonight will be our first night? Lisa noticed her mother`s nature, certainly her mother wanted to cry in the bathroom, Lisa`s heart was sad, she was crying again. Thanks to kak useful information, remember to also visit my official website Yanti tried to hold back her tears not to go out, she did not want to show her sadness. „Mamih wants to go to the bathroom for a while,“ says Yanti, who then left. Yanti is sad to hear Lisa`s response, her son acts as if she is okay. . „A-I… “ said Bian, stuttering. Where are you going? Who is the suitcase? I`m curious to see how it goes… You want ikuy po kakkk novel „Have you eaten? I brought you for breakfast. But first you have to take a shower, you`re definitely tired after a day of waiting in the hospital,“ Tari said without a break.

He waited all night for Bian to come home. But her husband did not come. Of course, what he expected. Bian has to wait for him there. Was it time to let go of her husband and give in to her? I want to buy your mba. My home is in the Handle,“ Aldi said as he slid down the highway. „Lisa I bring ka__“ Vandi`s remarks stopped when she saw Lisa breastfeeding, one of her breasts can be clearly seen by her.

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