X Plan Pricing Agreement

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The Partner Recognition Program offers significant savings on most Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company vehicles. Prices for partners vary by brand. For more information, please see our „Prices“ section. Plan prices are managed by Ford and are subject to change without notice. Check with your trusted CarsDirect dealer to confirm current rules and restrictions and confirm eligibility. Normal dealer prices vary based on local demand and availability. On the other hand, the expected prices are already printed on the invoice and are set by Ford. The plan only applies to new vehicles. Used vehicles are not eligible for the X-Plan. New vehicle demonstration units are available for new vehicles at the X-Plan price.

However, no additional discounts are allowed beyond the incentives compatible with an X-Plan offer. Ford`s plan pricing offers compelling alternatives for those who qualify. However, there isn`t the best answer for everyone, so consider all your decisions before making a decision. 20. What are the awards for partner recognition and how do I know if I will get a good deal? Yes, it may be possible to negotiate a better price even in highly competitive markets. However, the price of Ford`s plan is usually exceptional and offers an easy shopping experience. The best way to do this is to get multiple quotes in your area so you know what local pricing looks like. Alternatively, the best traders will look at your options and let you know what the best deal is for your unique situation.

Buyers should know that the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E operates under different pricing rules. The discount is almost identical, but varies for A-Plan with a promotional fee of 0.25%. 8. After receiving my PIN, how do I get a vehicle and receive the discount? 26. How do I find X-Plan prices for my Ford vehicle? Information about prices and vehicle programs can be found in the „Vehicle and Price“ tab of the Ford or Lincoln version of www.fordpartner.com/ The Friends & Neighbors X plan is a much broader set that can be used by employees and retirees to sponsor purchases from families and people outside their family. . Not only are you eligible for all publicly advertised discounts and offers, but you may also be eligible for special discounts. For example, X-Plan participants currently receive an additional $500 discount for owning a competing car or truck. 30. Are mercury-powered vehicles still suitable for AXZD plans? Below are guidelines on what is allowed and what is not. Active employees (employees, hourly and contract employees), retirees, members of organizations and their households residing in the United States.

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